Shane Executive & HR Leaders Wellness Program

SCW-7Shane Corporate Wellness offers executives and HR leaders
a new strategy to achieve optimal health, productivity and a competitive advantage.  With Shane you will quickly lose weight, get stronger and lead to succeed.  The core of change in corporate wellness starts with YOU!

Shane’s Executive & HR Wellness Program provides 3 day, 7 day, 21 day and customized weight loss and fitness programs at the spectacular Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas.   Our staff are experts in nutrition, fitness and behavior change and deeply committed to our guests’ success.  Guests have been achieving an average weight loss of 3 – 5 lbs a week and sustaining that loss upon their return home.

Do As I Say

Do as I say, not as I do. Why is employee participation with “wellness” a dismal 30%-60% engagement rate? Poor participation is a direct result of management not adopting the lifestyle changes that they themselves say they expect in their employees.

Corporate Executive Testimonials

  • "When I was looking for a program, I knew I wanted one that would focus on both diet and exercise. I wanted a program that would prepare me for succeeding after completion of the program. And I wanted something away from home so I could dedicate myself to it on a full-time basis. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts felt right. The staff are rock stars. they made me feel comfortable and important from Day One. Their passion and zeal for their work is impressive. Many times they were more excited about my progress than I was! The single most important take-away for me is leaving here with the confidence to continue on my own."
    Chris J.
  • "I am so glad I took the time to go to Shane. During my years as an executive - between functions, family and work schedule - I tried to maintain my weight but was not successful. Upon retirement, I decided to start out right and get a jump start. My two weeks at Shane yielded impressive results. I commented to the Shane staff after week one that I hadn't felt this good in years."  Mark C. – age 56, PA
    Mark C.

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Critical Gap

There is a critical gap between the leaders of the company and the employees with regard to the company’s ‘health’.  Too often the executive leaders and the HR professionals who implement a wellness program at their organization aren’t addressing their own personal weight and fitness needs, which sends the wrong message to the employees.

Shane Corporate Wellness

For today’s busy, overstressed and overweight executives and for the HR leaders trying to actually get those wellness programs to be used by their employees, these programs work – for now and long term.

The link between an executive’s ability to lead their company and their own health is clear: A leader who is energetic, fit and healthy will have the stamina to keep up with the demands of running the company and the credibility to set a healthy example for the rest of their company.

Companies who take a “top down” approach where the executives “talk the talk AND “walk the walk” with their wellness programs are rising stars in their industries—they look better, think clearer, are more productive. They are firing on all cylinders!

Shane can help leaders “walk the walk” by providing a turnkey unique approach to quickly lose weight, get fitter, stronger, regain stamina, and perspective and implement a strategy to make those results long term.

Shane can help leaders “talk the talk” by bringing the program back to their companies with specific strategies to incentivize and excite the employees  to participate in those well meaning but often ignored or under-utilized wellness initiatives.

Harness Your Energy!

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